This is Shehryar Aziz

Welcome to the website of a hilarious web designer! (Or at least, that's what my mom tells me.) With a decade of experience as a digital marketer and SEO specialist, I've helped businesses spruce up their online presence & drive traffic to their websites like a pro. So if you're tired of your website looking like it was designed by a blindfolded chimpanzee (no offense to the talented primates out there), give me a holler, and let's chat about how I can help your business succeed online. :)
My Skills

Industry Knowledge

1: Web Design

2: Search engine optimization (SEO)

3: User experience (UX) design

4: User interface (UI) design

5: Responsive design


7: CSS

8: JavaScript

9: PHP

10: MySQL

11: Content management systems (CMS)

12: WordPress

13: WooCommerce

14: E-commerce design and development

15: Graphic Design

16: Illustration

17: Photography

18: Video editing

19: Animation

20: Website speed optimization

21: Server management

22: Domain and hosting management

23: Email marketing

24: Social media marketing

My Skills

Tools & Technologies

1: SEMRush

2: Ahrefs

3: MOZ

4: Google Analytics

5: Google Search Console

6: Google AdWords

7: WordPress

8: Adobe Photoshop

9: Adobe Illustrator

10: Adobe InDesign

11: Adobe XD

12: Figma

13: Sketch

14: Adobe Premiere Pro

15: Adobe After Effects

16: Shopify

17: WooCommerce

18: Mailchimp

19: HubSpot

20: Salesforce

21: Slack

22: HTML5 Canvas


24: Google My Business

My Skills

Interpersonal Skills

  1. Communication: The ability to clearly and effectively communicate with clients, team members, and stakeholders.
  2. Collaboration: The ability to work well with others and contribute to a team environment.
  3. Problem-solving: The ability to identify and solve problems in a creative and efficient manner.
  4. Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing circumstances and learn new skills quickly.
  5. Time management: The ability to prioritize tasks and manage one’s time effectively.
  6. Attention to detail: The ability to pay close attention to detail and ensure that work is of the highest quality.
  7. Creativity: The ability to think outside the box and come up with original ideas and solutions.
  8. Leadership: The ability to inspire and motivate others, and to take charge when necessary.
  9. Customer service: The ability to provide excellent service to clients and address their needs and concerns in a timely and friendly manner.
  10. Persistence: The ability to stay motivated and focused, even when faced with challenges or setbacks.
  11. Emotional intelligence: The ability to recognize and understand one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, and to use this awareness to manage relationships and communicate effectively.
  12. Negotiation: The ability to effectively communicate and compromise in order to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

My Experience

I am a skilled web designer and SEO specialist with 10+ years of experience. I excel at designing and optimizing websites, and am proficient in various programming languages and tools. I am known for delivering high-quality work on time and within budget.

Web Designer & SEO Specialist at Microwize

May 2015 – Present

As a web designer and SEO specialist, I have had the opportunity to work with Microwize, a leading provider & INC 5000 company of medical software and services for the healthcare industry. In this role, I have been responsible for managing all of their websites and sister companies’ 360 branding, as well as creating visual static for various channels including HTML, social media, and Google Ads. I have also been responsible for optimizing websites for search engines and implementing brand strategies. In addition, I have experience with page optimization and conversion, HubSpot marketing, and WordPress development.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Wowbix

2012 – Present

As a digital marketing specialist at Wowbix, a leading digital marketing agency, I was responsible for designing and developing websites, as well as optimizing them for search engines. I have worked with clients to understand their needs and goals, and used my expertise in web design and SEO to create effective and visually appealing websites that drive traffic and generate leads. With my strong communication skills and attention to detail, I was able to deliver high-quality work on time and within budget, helping Wowbix to achieve its business objectives and exceed client expectations.



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My Story

About me

Hi there! My name is Shehryar Aziz & I am a web designer and SEO specialist with over 7+ years of experience (wow, time flies!) and a bachelor's degree in computer science. I may not have superpowers, but I do have a few special skills that make me a superhero of the web design and SEO world:

* I am a wizard with Adobe Creative Suite, able to conjure up beautiful and functional websites with just a few clicks of a mouse.
* I have a knack for SEO, able to optimize websites for search engines and drive traffic like a pro.
* I am a master of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, able to code websites from scratch and customize them to fit my clients' needs.
* I am a WordPress and Shopify expert, able to create and manage online stores with ease.
* I am a team player, able to work well with others and contribute to group projects.

So if you're in need of a web designer and SEO specialist who can bring your website to the next level, look no further! I am Shehryar Aziz, and I am here to help.


UoPeople BS Computer Science Degree
2015 – 2019
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University: University of the People

The Degree Included the following courses:

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Programming Languages
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Databases
  • Computer Networks
  • Software Engineering
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics
  • Mobile and Web Development
  • Computer Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Robotics
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain
  • Distributed Systems
  • Computer Ethics
  • Advanced Web Site Development
  • Data Management
  • Software Testing
  • Software Project Management
  • User Experience Design
  • Graphics Programming
  • Database Administration
  • Game Development
  • Computer Graphics and Visualization
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Video for Visual Effects
  • Systems Programming
  • Web Development

Other Certifications

Google Certified UX Designer

Google Certified UX Designer

Google Analytics Certified

Google Analytics Certified

Microsoft Certified Java Programmer 

Microsoft Certified Java Programmer


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Call: 646-661-6797